about Confetti

Website: www.PastaConfetti.Com
Confetti is a brand specialized in gourmet pasta, a food boutique, an invitation to the pleasures of gastronomy where our unique products, our excellent service and dining recommendations, meet the needs of our customers.
It is a home atmosphere where Confetti pasta and other products are the most important elements of the decoration of the store, the customer can find a large assortment of fresh pasta, desserts, sauces, cheeses, prepared dishes and all that would be a great chef at your fingertips.
Our goal is that customers enjoy delicious pasta prepared in the Italian tradition, without having to travel to Italy. We also offer clients everything needed for the preparation of a dinner or lunch to avoid having to go to different commercial spots.
Within the Mexican market, Confetti products are the best thanks to the freshness and flavor of your pasta and above all our quality control. We are proud to be the most important specialists in market pulp. We have suppliers who provide us with ingredients of the highest quality, 100% natural, under the strictest specifications for consistency, flavor, color, odor, etc. Not only that, our products are rich in nutritional properties, ideal for those who are concerned about your health. Confetti products are high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol.
The preparation and semi-artisanal pasta dishes, under the most stringent hygiene standards and a rigorous selection of ingredients, Confetti makes a delicious concept.