Saturday, September 25, 2010

Empanada History

The generic name means sandwich. This term is used in almost all Hispanic countries, and the result is that the empanadas are found all over the world under different names and with different ingredients but with the same basis as we will discuss.
The term pie, can be applied to any mass consisting of a fill, within the latter.
Worldwide, most cultures prepared some kind of meal where the dough is wrapped around a filling, made with simple components, to various foods typical of different regions of the world.
There are many more types of pies in the world of those named here, but the list will detail will serve as an example of the existing variety.
The pie dough can be baked, fried, fried soufflé type, and in some parts of the world can be boiled well. The filling can be made of meat, cheese, fish, vegetables, cereals, fruits and combinations of these foods.
They may have the widest range of shapes and sizes according to place of origin or the customs prevailing in different countries where they are consumed.

Different names for empanadas

  • Empanadas * The term is used in almost all Hispanic countries. The pie is served at the table of Argentine households, Americans, Mexicans, Uruguayans, we can generalize by saying that is served throughout South America, Central America, Europe, the world is Each type is filled with ingredients unique to the area. Empanadas are often stuffed with minced meat or potatoes or fruit or raisins, etc. The pastry dough can be a native or masses. The pies can be baked or fried.
    * Underwear is a typical Italian dish. The pants are made with very soft and spongy masses, but must have sufficient strength to be handled when manipulated in the cooking process.
    * Strombolis Similar to the calzone. They are made with any kind of meat filling.
    * Beerocks of German cuisine - with a puff pastry filled with meat and cabbage, usually in the oven.
    * Spanokopitas country of origin of this delicacy is Greece are filled with spinach, cheese and olives. Are cooked in the oven.
    * Shumai home country Korea, this stuffed with vegetables and meat.
    * Sambosak Hulow From the kitchen of Middle Eastern countries made crescent-shaped with a cookie dough with chopped dates, seasoned with sugar, butter, sesame seeds, cinnamon and cloves.
    * Salta is one of the many varieties of empanadas served in Salta Province of Argentina, are recognized worldwide towards its unique flavor, containing meat, potatoes, cheese, onions, slices of boiled egg and chopped olives. Baked.
    * Empanada Risola typically Brazilian. their fillings are meat, cheese, shrimp or hearts of palm or a mixture of these ingredients.
    * Pies Patties Caribbean cuisine as highlighted in the Jamaican tables filled with spiced meats, baked or fried.
    * Italian cuisine Panzarottis similar to a calzone but fried.
    * Piroshkis Russian cuisine Empanadas stuffed with meat and potatoes usually in a puff pastry. Baked or fried.
    * Pierogies Polish cuisine these pies may be filled with potato, cheese or vegetables, and fruits or combinations.
    * Cake Cupcakes typically Caribbean cuisine. It is made with wheat flour is a yeast dough, they are filled with pork, ham, onion, olives, raisins, capers and egg.
    * Armenia Lahmajoon From the kitchen cooking this pie is baked or fried.
    * Chilipanzingas From the kitchen of south Texas these are the Empanadas stuffed with chopped ham, cheese and green pepper. Chips
    * Pasties English cuisine, traditional dish was brought and adapted to USA
    * Booregs of Arabic cuisine, are stuffed with meat